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Janine Shepherd


Janine Shepherd is an Australian author born 7 January 1962, In 1986, Shepherd was cycling through the blue mountains as part of her training regime She was hit by a vehicle, suffering massive injuries to her neck, back and head, lost five liters of blood, Her right leg was ripped open, her collarbone and five ribs were fractured, and she suffered serious internal injuries. Doctors at first thought she would not live, but she pulled through. She was then told that she would be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of her life, and would never bear children. While still remaining a partial paraplegic, she was ultimately able to walk again, and has three children. She gained her pilots license within a year of the accident, and went on to gain a commercial pilot’s license, then an instructor’s license, eventually becoming a trained aerobatics flying instructor. She also became the first female director of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Shepherd has written six books about her experiences She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Movement/Education.


“When you choose courage in the face of fear, you defy the things that hold you back from greatness.” ~Janine Shepherd






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